FactA @ EVALITA 2016

Event Factuality Annotation


Training Data:

    • Fact-Ita Bank, a corpus consisting of 169 news stories (for a total of 65,053 tokens) selected from the Ita-TimeBank (on which EVENTI@EVALITA 2014 was based); it is annotated with factuality information on top of TimeML event annotation. Fact-Ita Bank v1.2 is licensed under a CC-BY-NC License.

To download the revised version of Fact-Ita Bank for the FactA task, click here.

Test Data:

    • The annotation of event factuality in WItaC, the Italian section of the NewsReader MEANTIME corpus, a corpus of 120 Wikinews articles annotated at multiple levels, has been revised for the specific purposes of FactA@EVALITA2016.

To download the FactA@EVALITA2016 version of WItaC, which contains only the annotation of event factuality (revised for FactA), click here.

Test Data for the Pilot Task:

    • A subsection of the test set of the EVALITA 2016 SENTIPOLC task (301 tweets) have been annotated with event factuality annotation

To download the annotated data, click here.